Have you experienced the wind blowing through your hair, heartbeats racing as you hunt for prey and the exciting thrill at the end of this adventure when you claim your pheasant prize? Guided pheasant hunts in South Dakota are available at A-1 Pheasant Hunting (www.a1pheasanthunting.com), a branch off of Stanley Farms. Pheasant hunting has its roots back in medieval times when these birds were first brought to Europe in the 10th century. Since then, pheasant hunting has been introduced around the world and has especially gained popularity in the United States and United Kingdom. Pheasants were first brought to North America in 1913 and have become more popular for hunting as a sport rather than for food purposes. The increasingly popular practice of pheasant hunting has led to farms in the United States and United Kingdom being used exclusively for the raising of pheasants and one such farm is A-1 Pheasant Hunting.