A-1 Pheasant Hunting has been raising pheasants for the purpose of its guided pheasant hunts in South Dakota for more than 100 years. The Stanley family is hugely involved in the development of the plains and pheasants of central South Dakota for a hunting experience like no other. A-1 Pheasant Hunting has extensive acreage used for guided pheasant hunts in South Dakota that have been developed with abundant CRP, food plots, dams, dugouts, sloughs, grasses and trees. The acreage at A-1 Pheasant Hunting adds to the experience by being as natural and wild as possible for an exciting adventure over hill and rock. A-1 Pheasant Hunting is famous for pheasants; when you go on one of the best guided pheasant hunts in South Dakota you are guaranteed to see hundreds of pheasants. This is because A-1 Pheasant Hunting believes in quality over quantity limiting the number of clients to provide an abundance of wild birds for the hunters.